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Growing up with a seizure disorder was extremely difficult. I am here today on this earth because of the love and support of so many people.














"The people that mean a lot to me"


Marcia K. Ellingson: Mom thank you for teaching me that we are all equal. Mom thank you for being so tough, You did everything you could, I wish you could see me now. You never got to see me healthy. I'm so sad you are not here any more. 


Maurice McGuckin: I'm thankful that I got to be by your side those last two months. My sisters tell me more and more how much we are alike. Dad we never really got time together. I wish that I would have come seen you earlier before the stroke.


John & Mary Ellingson: Grandma and Grandpa Thank you for showing me what true love is,  you two were the most beautiful example of marriage and love. Grandpa thank you for teaching us so many skilled trades at a young age, Tony and I did good taking care of grandma, after you passed. I learned more and more growing older that she actually take care of all of us. Grandma, thank you so much for teaching me so many skills, and being so firm on perfection, it has served me well.


Eric & Phill: Thank you for carrying me through the toughest  part of my life. you carried the "Kreacher" when he couldn't carry himself. Those were the hardest years of my life, the seizures were so rough, and my mental state was so fragile there were so many bad days that outweighed the good ones. I'm so grateful for you both.


To Staff of Bozeman Deconess Hospital, Thank you for keeping me alive.


To all of the staff at Sunburst Mental Health in South Kallispel and In Eureka, All of you are amazing humans thank you for everything. 


Candice: Thank You for giving me my life back.

Every day I am healthy, and every day I am thankful.


John Gibbons: Thank you for being a good example, you are such an inspiration and always have been. I've looked up to you for years, you redefined what I what I perceive is capable. 


Walt Walters: Thank you for being a good example, I have always looked up to you. You are confidence, compassion, & comedy all in one package, You are a beacon of light.


Kevin: Thank you for your support, Thank you for keeping me going.


Jim & Lisa: Thank you for making me feel at home in my own mind, and my ways. Thank you for your guidance,  mentorship, and support. 


Tim: Thank you for keeping  me and my mind in a good place. Thank you for making our house a home.


Collette: Thank you for teaching me how to write my own rules. 


Danny and Quintin:  Thank you for being a good example. Both of you are such amazing young  men with so much talent, and  drive, you both are inspiring.


Huntley: Thank you for kindness, compassion, and your continued questions. Your questions really have helped me find the answers. 


Agustin Buffa: Thank you for freeing me from the chains of anger, 

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