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What is Whitefish Disco Skate

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"Whitefish Disco Skate" is a free public skate happening at The "Community Ice Rink" and "Skate Path" at Whitefish City Beach on Sunday evenings at 5pm.  This community skate open to everyone whether you are a local, new to the area, or just visiting,  All are welcome to attend and skate, just bring your own skates and your good vibes.


If you don"t have skates don't worry, during skate meet ups ice skates are available to the public for free. I have almost 30pairs of Bauer ice skates in a wide variety of sizes, just be sure to wear warm socks.


If the "Ice Rink" and "Skate Path" are clear of snow, and  temps are low, and the ice is solid the rink is open for anyone to skate on.

If the "Ice Rink" and "Skate Path" have not been cleared of snow please stay of the rink / skate path  and Please Do Not walk on the ”Ice Rink or “Skate Path” It causes the ice to refreeze in a very uneven way making it very tough to skate on. Rest easy, I will be there soon to clear it. Signs will be posted if the ”Ice Rink or “Skate Path” are closed.

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